Barbados Laws and Rules


History of Barbados Law

The Constitution of Barbados is the preeminent law of the country. The constitution was confirmed on November 30th 1966 when Barbados turned into an Independent country.

As Barbados was a British province from 1625 to 1966, quite a bit of Barbadian law depends on English law. After Independence in 1966 the Barbados parliament wound up in charge of the section of new laws and alterations.

The Barbados court framework is included: Magistrates’ Courts; Supreme Court (High Court and Court of Appeal); and the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Criminal Laws

Guests to Barbados ought to especially take note of these exercises which are unlawful:

Dressing in, or conveying, things made of disguise material

Medications (maryjane, cocaine, heroin, and so on)

Topless sunbathing


Betting (barring openings and lotteries)

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