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The accompanying exhortation is planned to give a concise diagram of any laws in the goal nation that are straightforwardly material to going there. This isn’t planned to be thorough or finish and laws do change every once in a while so we emphatically prompt going to the UK Foreign Office site and checking for their present guidance.

When all is said in done the laws of any nation will be founded on an indistinguishable esteems from at home yet huge contrasts can be available subject to the predominant social, religious and political condition in the nation. These four fundamental elements can be your principle manual for acceptable behavior in new circumstances. On the off chance that you are any uncertainty in the matter of what to do in a given circumstance it is typically conceivable to recognize the “most secure” fallback alternative and run with it. For instance, not purchasing something, not taking a photograph of an administration building and so on.

This data ought to likewise be perused in conjunction with our significant pages managing Cultural Awareness and Visa Requirements.

Liquor and Bars

Know that unlawful bars exist in Bolivia. You might be kept for addressing if gotten at a covert foundation, especially if drugs are found at its area.


Bolivia is the world’s third biggest maker of cocaine. In their endeavors to control the creation, the administration have cruel punishments for those found trafficking or under lock and key. The base sentence is eight years. Jail conditions are extremely fundamental. Be exceptionally cautious with your baggage and assets and stay away from any contact with restricted medications.


Be watchful particularly while carting cameras or binoculars when voyaging away the beaten track, especially in coca-developing zones, for example, the Chapare and the Yungas.

Check before taking photos of the nearby populace.


Homosexuality isn’t illicit, however is disliked by the dominant part of Bolivians, more so in the Altiplano than in Santa Cruz, where mentalities have a tendency to be more liberal.

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